The Scottish Countryside Rangers Association (SCRA) is the professional membership association for Countryside Rangers and associated countryside professionals in Scotland

Formed in 1974, SCRA has an enviable reputation for supporting the development and enhancement of the Ranger profession in Scotland; organising networking events, training events and conferences, supporting the development of a national logo and brand for Scotland's Ranger Services and working with Government and Government agencies to promote the profession.

Rangers promote the enjoyment, understanding and care of Scotland's outdoors through;

  • The first hand provision of information, advice and activities
  • Interpretation
  • The management of sites and facilities
  • Seeking to secure responsible behaviour

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The UWS-Oxfam Partnership has published three reports under the theme of ‘a more equitable and sustainable Scotland’. These focus on social and economic development issues, but might be of interest to rangers who work with marginalised groups.

The most recent report 'Tea in the Pot: Building 'social capital or a great good place in Govan?' looks at the work of a community group in Govan and uses their experience to consider the language policy makers use to describe community groups with a specific critique of the concept of social capital. See: http://uwsoxfampartnership.org.uk/new-uws-oxfam-partnership-report-tea-in-the-pot/.

The other reports - on the long term integration of refugees in Motherwell, and the potential for social and employee owned business model to reduce poverty in Scotland - are available at the following link: http://uwsoxfampartnership.org.uk/uws-oxfam-partnership-projects/

In addition, the Partnership has now run three Policy Forum events on, respectively, inequality, social justice and decent work.

The materials from the most recent decent work event, including presentations from Professor Chris Warhurst, Warwick University; Stephen Boyd, STUC and Anna Ritchie Allan, Close the Gap are available at the following link: http://uwsoxfampartnership.org.uk/policy-forum-1-2015-decent-work-2/

The next Policy Forum will be held on the 24 June on the theme of: Local Communities: What they know and understand that it seems policy makers don't.

The UWS-Oxfam Partnership website also carries various updates on aspects of the collaborative working under the auspices of the Partnership - including student volunteering and work-related learning with Oxfam and its partners, and partner inputs to teaching and learning within the University of the West of Scotland (UWS).