The Scottish Countryside Rangers Association (SCRA) is the professional membership association for Countryside Rangers and associated countryside professionals in Scotland

Formed in 1974, SCRA has an enviable reputation for supporting the development and enhancement of the Ranger profession in Scotland; organising networking events, training events and conferences, supporting the development of a national logo and brand for Scotland's Ranger Services and working with Government and Government agencies to promote the profession.

Rangers promote the enjoyment, understanding and care of Scotland's outdoors through;

  • The first hand provision of information, advice and activities
  • Interpretation
  • The management of sites and facilities
  • Seeking to secure responsible behaviour

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SNH have published a booklet which provides an identification key of 14 of the most common and fairly distinctive species of solitary bees known from Scotland.

Scotland is the home of many solitary bees, so called because they do not live in colonies, but rather make individual nests to rear their young. There are some 200 species of these bees in the UK, including mason bees, miner bees and leafcutter bees, and most of them pollinate a variety of crops and wild plants.  You can access a copy of the identification booklet here.