Becoming a member of SCRA

The following categories of membership are available. Your application needs to be approved by SCRA Council before you will gain access to the members section of the website or receive other membership benefits. Payment will also need to be processed before your membership becomes active.

Find out more about membership categories. Once you have applied, we will contact you about how to pay your subscription.

Full Membership (£35)

Supporter (£35)

Concession (£17.50)

Team membership (prices vary)

Affiliated Organisations (£85)

Ranger Manager (£35)

Honorary Member (granted by SCRA Council)

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Once you submit your application, we will send you a confirmation email - you need to follow the instructions in the message in order to progress your membership. If you don't receive an email today, please get in touch - it may have got lost (please check your junk mail first!). Please note that you may experience a delay between applying for membership and getting access to the site. Your application will not be approved until payment has been processed.