On 5th December the East Lothian Junior Rangers were getting all festive making Christmas wreaths!


On Sunday East Lothian and Hopetoun Junior Rangers were invited to a Junior Ranger Gathering hosted by Holyrood Junior Rangers! We had a fantastic day being led on a Druid walk, making wooden jewellery, making fencing, creating our own Roman lights and creating an Archaeology timeline! Thanks to all those who took part!

IMG 1856

These are just some of the photos we took. If you would like to see more then please have at look at East Lothian Countryside Ranger Service Facebook Page

East Lothian Junior Rangers spent a great afternoon learning about and looking for fungi at Pressmennan Wood.





Today was the first Junior Ranger session since the summer holidays. We had four new people join so we had fun team building at Yellowcraig. Here is Matthew's take on the day:

"We played name games to get to know each other but the best one was stealth. I had a cool spider on my arm, it looked like it was from Mexico!"

IMG 1769IMG 1764

On Friday 25th April, East Lothian Junior Rangers were hard at work putting in new bollards round the car park at Shore Road, John Muir Country Park!


The Junior Rangers were asked to design a new logo for the National Junior Ranger scheme. Here are some of them along with the original design...

SCRA JR logoHolyrood 3Holyrood 2

Holyrood 1Holyrood 4East Lothian - NathanEast Lothian - Anna Part 1

 part 1part 2