The SCRA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme is developed by Rangers, for Rangers. As Rangers we use our knowledge, skills and experience to do our jobs professionally. Many of us are keen to develop our skills and to tap into the stimulus of new understanding. We all need to keep up with changes in the setting in which we work – things like the Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011 for example. You may want to advance within Rangering or you may seek the challenge of promotion within related work. The CPD programme will help you to identify your goals and to achieve them.

The CPD Journey starts with employer-led induction when you are first appointed to a post. SCRA then provides a National Ranger Development course, comprising a 3 day residential session called Making Connections, and a series of 1 day skills –based courses. These courses are offered when there is a sufficient number of potential participants. They are advertised on the SCRA website. The CPD programme builds on your work-based experience, as well as training.

The SCRA CPD programme is sponsored as part of the Ranger Standards Manual by the Ranger Development Partnership, with grant-aid from SNH. It was piloted by Rangers working for the City of Glasgow Council, the City of Dundee Council, and the Highland Council. SCRA thanks all those who have given funding, time and expertise to the development of the programme.