CPD, Continuing Professional Development, is a way to manage your learning and development, using our Scottish Rangers competency standards. Drawn from National Occupational Standards, they specify the competence that is expected of the Ranger profession.


The programme has 2 levels – foundation level and standard level, each with 4 generic competencies which are those that you would be likely to need in any job. 

Generic competencies

  • working with other people
  • delivering results
  • communicating
  • learning and applying 

Specialist competencies

There are 7 specialist competencies, from which you can select those that meet your needs and aspirations:

  • habitat management
  • management planning and projects
  • recreation and visitor management
  • ensuring site and ecosystem integrity
  • outdoor learning and interpreting the natural and cultural heritage
  • community and other stakeholder engagement
  • delivering training to others

The CPD journey