CPD is a way of managing your own learning and development using competency standards set by those who know best what makes a good Ranger – those with years of experience working as professional Rangers in Scotland. The standards are drawn from National Occupational Standards and, together, they specify the competence that is expected of the Ranger profession. The programme has 2 levels – foundation level and standard level, each with 4 generic competencies which are those that you would be likely to need in any job.  There are also 7 specialist competencies, from which you can select those that meet your current job needs and aspirations.

Generic CompetenciesSpecialist Competencies
Working with Other People Habitat Management
Delivering Results Management Planning and Projects
Communicating Recreation and Visitor Management
Learning and Applying Ensuring Site and Ecosystem Integrity
Outdoor learning and Interpreting the Natural and Cultural Heritage
Community and other Stakeholder Engagement
Delivering Training to Others

The CPD process

CPD is flexible so you can move at your own speed, in your own way. However SCRA sets down some steps to follow, especially if you want to achieve the SCRA Scottish Ranger Award. If you can demonstrate competence at both levels in the 4 generic competencies and in 4 of the 7 specialist competencies you can apply to receive the Award.

The CPD Journey helps you to identify your aspirations; set objectives for your development; and chart your progress towards achieving them through a CPD Plan. Many of you work in organisations that have an annual appraisal process (though it may be called something else) and the SCRA CPD programme will fit neatly into this.

In your CPD Plan you will:

  • list your main areas of work and the competencies relevant to your job;
  • express your longer-term aspirations, both professional and personal;
  • identify your goals for development for the next year or two;
  • agree with your line manager (or if that is not possible, with a mentor who SCRA will help you to identify) your current levels of competence and how you will evidence these;
  • identify what you need to do, for example, through on-the-job experience or training to fill any gaps in your competence;
  • identify outcomes and results rather than time spent, or things done.

If you want to achieve a Scottish Ranger Award you will have to develop a portfolio of evidence of your competence. This will be assessed against the competency standards by your line manager or mentor, who will be given the chance to attend a SCRA Assessor Training course. To ensure that standards are being uniformly applied you may then go through a process of verification, where a panel of experienced and trained Ranger Managers or Rangers will look at your portfolio and interview you.

The Ranger Journey

The SCRA CPD programme is a peer-reviewed system, with assessment and verification done by trained and experienced fellow professionals. Because the competencies are derived from National Occupational Standards it may be possible to use your evidence towards achieving a Scottish Vocational Qualification.