The person who wants to achieve the qualification.

This describes and defines the broad functions carried out within a specific area of the job and is made up of a number of elements.

This is a confidential document, shared between you and your line manager assessor (LMA) or external mentor assessor (EMA). It is your CPD record of evidence and should be maintained by you through your career. SCRA respects your confidentiality and right to protect personal information and will never share any information included within your CPD record.

An element is a sub category of a competency - so each competency is made up of a number of elements.

{aliases Elements}

Candidates will produce evidence in the form of products from their work. The nature of this evidence can vary depending on what the candidate's job entails and on training and development undertaken.

If the line manager of a candidate does not have the background or skills (generic or specialist) to assess the competency of a Ranger, and / or does not have access to these through training programmes, SCRA will help to identify an external mentor. Their role and responsibilities will be the same as a Line Manager Assessor.

These competencies should be common to all Rangers. They cover four competency areas:

  • Work with other People
  • Communicate
  • Result Delivery
  • Application of Learning

This is usually the candidate's line manager; their role is to:

  • Support and advise candidates, through regular meetings, with agreements on actions, as they assemble their portfolios.
  • Help candidates determine their training and development needs.
  • Give advice on how they might meet training and development needs.
  • Ensure that employers' staff appraisal/personal development plan processes are taken into account.
  • Assess portfolios against the standards specified and sign off.
  • Advise candidates of the results of their assessment and, in the case of deferral, provide written recommendations and advice on what the candidate should do

These are statements of the standards of performance that individuals must achieve when carrying out functions in the workplace, together with specifications of the underpinning knowledge and understanding. National Occupational Standards (NOS) are developed and updated by people working in different business sectors. The Sector Skills Council for land-based and environmental businesses is LANTRA.

A system that uses experienced people working in the sector to assess and verify a candidate's progress. This was chosen for the SCRA CPD system, following consultation with members. However it is likely that most of the work done could be used towards a SVQ if desired.

{aliases peer reviewed|peer-reviewed}

This could, for example, list the equipment that candidates are expected to be familiar with and use in their occupational area.

{aliases range}

The Award is gained once you have successfully proven competence in four Generic competencies and four of the seven Specialist competencies at both Foundation and Standard levels

A national qualification delivered by approved colleges and training providers. Each named Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) consists of a prescribed set of units

These are competencies based on the key areas of the Ranger's role and relate to the delivery of National Aims for Rangers and the delivery of national outcomes and service/business plans. Different services will place a different emphasis on them. They are based on NOS developed by the industry which ensures transferability across the UK and ties into Vocational Qualifications. We have initially selected 7, of which 4 should be completed. The total number may be extended according to changes in the working environment.

Verifiers provide assurance that standards for assessment are being met, through leading a verification session with candidates and by examining a sample of portfolios. They confirm to SCRA that the required standards have been met.

The panel will be drawn form a pool of experienced and trained Rangers or former Rangers. There will be 2-3 verifiers on each panel

{aliases verifier panel}