The next edition of Scramble, due in June 2020, will be a “Lockdown Special” edition.

To produce this, we need your articles. Deadline is 22nd May

This is a significant, historic time and we feel it is important to capture your first hand experiences.  Your contribution is key, we are a profession which is underpinned by our communication skills and here is an opportunity not only to share your story with today’s Rangers but also with future generations looking back at these events.

Please tell us about your Lockdown experiences in 250 to max 500 words (with an image or two if possible) 

A few suggestions only, please do not feel constrained by these:

  • How are you continuing to do your job?
  • What are the challenges you face? 
  • What are your reflections on your Ranger career?
  • How have your priorities changed?
  • Have you started writing that book or been inspired to pen some verse?
  • What are your thoughts on the post-pandemic world we will experience?

Send articles – by deadline date of 22nd May – to and cc to with “Scramble” marked in the subject field.

Editorial guidelines on font and layout are available on the SCRA website or by using this google drive link.

It would be appreciated if you could follow these guidelines.

The latest edition of SCRAmble can be found by clicking the following link:

The title is “International” and it’s a jam-packed edition full of great articles highlighting the amazing experiences and relationships forged when Scottish Rangers mix with other Rangers from all over the globe. It also highlights the variety of opportunities there are to travel and broaden our horizons and knowledge!

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