Today SCRA is launching a crowdfunding page in order to raise funds to send a Ranger from a developing country to attend the 9th IRF World Ranger Congress to be held in Nepal in November 2019 – why? – Because in international conservation, their front line work is amongst the most important on the planet and they must be given a voice at this conference.

Here’s the link to the crowdfunding page:

Please share far and wide, and hopefully we can reach our target! The page will close just before midnight on Friday 23rd November 2018.

The International Ranger Federation (IRF) World Ranger Congress brings together Rangers from all over the world, giving them the opportunity to learn new skills, share knowledge and create partnerships. It occurs every three years in a different location, allowing host countries from each IRF region to raise the profile of Rangers locally and internationally. It allows them to showcase their successes, to identify how they’re addressing their regional challenges and share their knowledge and skills with colleagues from around the world.

Attending a congress like this is a once in a life time opportunity for many Rangers; meeting colleagues from around the world gives Rangers hope and boosts their morale. Often their jobs are located in remote and isolated areas where they don’t have a lot of contact with the world family of Rangers. They don’t often have the opportunity to exchange stories and learn from others that may be located half way across the world.

Your support for this cause is greatly appreciated! Giving money to this project is every bit as useful as donating to a wildlife charity, except you will know for certain it will assist their front line conservation work directly.
All monies raised will go directly to the Scottish Countryside Rangers’ Association.


Thank you!